Employee satisfaction survey

The employee satisfaction survey 2018 has been conducted and the University's work environment is moving in the right direction in almost every area. This is evident in the summary results from this year’s satisfaction survey.

The purpose of the employee satisfaction survey is for each department, office and unit to get an overview of how their employees feel about their work situation and to show strengths and weaknesses within the organisation. The results will form the basis for the systematic improvements in work environment at the University.

The results of the survey

Most employees think the working climate and leadership are good, and are proud of their workplace. The areas for improvement include high workloads and internal information and communication within the University.

The response rate of 83 per cent was a record high, which is an increase of five percentage points compared with the last employee satisfaction survey in 2014. Umeå University is thus the second-best in Sweden in regards to response rate among the nation's colleges and universities, which participated in the same survey.

Another positive trend is the so-called employee index – a measure of how satisfied employees are with their working conditions. This year, Umeå University scored 69 of maximum 100. For the last index taken in 2014, the corresponding value was 66. This means that the Umeå University now belongs to the group of higher education institutions that have the best results in the country, among those who carried out a similar measurement.

The survey also measured the rate of recommendation or Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which is a measure of how likely it is that individual employees would recommend Umeå University to others. This trend is also positive and Umeå University occupies a top position among the surveyed universities in Sweden.

Strengths and areas for improvement

Based on the results, strengths and areas for improvement in regards to the work situation can be pinpointed. One strength is that many departmental and unit employees are proud to work at Umeå University. Many also experience a great work environment and good leadership. A majority also believe that their work is interesting and rewarding, and the motivation level is high.

Some areas that can be improved are that the workload is just too high for some employees. In addition, there are gaps in the understanding of vision and subsidiary objectives, knowledge of procedures for crisis situations and participation in the work environment efforts. Another area for improvement is the internal information and communcation.

Working with the results

In the beginning of May 2018 your manager will be presented with the result. Your managaner is responsible for presenting your department or unit with the result. Departments, offices and units will start working with the actions necessary. An action plan will be developed in collaboration between employees and the heads of the departments, offices and units. The action plan will form the basis for the systematic work environment improvements and the operational planning, which departments, offices and units should submit by November 2018.

- The most important work is being done after the survey. To reflect on the results, both the strengths and areas for improvements, and to follow through on improvements. It sounds obvious but can easily be forgotten, says Lars Mähler the project leader of the survey.

Contact information

Lars Mähler, Development consultant at Office for Human Resources, 073-274 23 99

Lars Nordlander, HR director

Nils Eriksson, Faculty subjects coordinator at Faculty of Social Sciences