Employee satisfaction survey

An employee satisfaction survey has been distributed to employees at Umeå University. The survey can be answered between 16 March and 4 April. The previous employee satisfaction survey at Umeå University was performed in 2014.

The purpose of the employee satisfaction survey is for each department, office and unit to get an overview of how their employees feel about their work situation and to show strengths and weaknesses within the organisation. The results will form the basis for the systematic improvements in work environment at the University.

The survey is performed in collaboration with Quicksearch, which is the same company that Umeå University collaborated with on the last survey. The survey is available in both English and Swedish.

What will the results be used for?

The results of the survey will be returned to the University at the beginning of May 2018. After that, the results will be analysed and presented. Departments, offices and units will start working with the actions necessary. An action plan will be developed in collaboration between employees and the heads of the departments, offices and units.

The action plans will form the basis for the systematic work environment improvements and the operational planning, which departments, offices and units should submit by November 2018. The operational plan will be established in workplace meetings, our so-called arbetsplatsträffar (APT), and in the local collaboration group (LSG).

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Contact information

Lars Mähler, Development consultant at Office for Human Resources, 073-274 23 99

Lars Nordlander, HR director

Nils Eriksson, Faculty subjects coordinator at Faculty of Social Sciences