Cooperation with trade unions

Umeå University and the local trade union central organisations Saco-S, OFR/S and SEKO have signed a local collective agreement on cooperation for development. The purpose of the agreement is to promote dialogue, participation and good working conditions.

A number of years ago, the central parties, i.e. employers and trade unions, within the public sector concluded the Cooperation for Development agreement. Cooperation in this context covers most issues relating to the relationship between employers and employees with regard to issues of business development and its impact on personnel policies and the working environment in a broad sense. If you, as an employee, are able to influence your work situation, you feel better and are better equipped to do a good job and contribute to the development of the business. This also makes decisions better founded and supported.

You can read more about Umeå University's vision of and forms of cooperation for development in the local agreement on cooperation.

Elizabet Westerlund