Planning and registering for parental leave

You must register for parental leave at least two months before you go on leave, or as soon as possible.

You must register for parental leave at least two months before you go on leave, or as soon as possible.

There is lots of variation with regard to how parents choose to take their parental leave. You make your own decision on how long a period you want to apply for each time, and the extent of this period. You have the option of dividing your parental leave with parental benefit over a maximum of five periods per calendar year. If you want to divide your leave more than this, you must discuss this with your manager.

A period of leave is when you take your parental leave in an unbroken sequence. This may be one day, one month or longer. If any of your periods of leave extends past 31 December, it will be counted as having taken place in the calendar year in which you began the period of leave. A period of leave is interrupted if you change your position, work or take holiday.

The period is not interrupted if you are ill, or if you are on holiday and you applied for this holiday at the same time as you applied for parental leave.

You can find out more on the Social Insurance Agency website.

Illness during parental leave

If you fall ill during your parental leave and the Social Insurance Agency pays you sickness benefit instead of parental benefit, you must get in touch with your manager and cancel your parental leave so that deductions and payments from the university are correct. It is also important for you to have the opportunity to use your days of parental leave when you are healthy. Moreover, Umeå University is responsible for ensuring your rehabilitation if you fall ill, even if you are currently on parental leave.

You can find out more in the Vice-Chancellor's decision "Rules on the number of periods of leave during parental leave"

Holidays during parental leave

You should plan to take at least 20 vacation days during each calendar year, even when you are on parental leave.


The self-service system PASS is where you register leaves of absence, holidays, overtime/extra time, travel claims, etc. If you are an employee, you can also download your payslip from PASS.

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