You are entitled to paid holiday from the first year of your employment. To receive full paid holiday, you have to be employed for the full calendar year. Members of the teaching staff need to notify their manager about their planned holiday by 31 May.

In case of illness during your holiday

If you fall ill while you are on holiday and wish to swap your holiday days for sick leave, you must report this in PASS on the first day of your illness. 

Annual holiday

If you are not employed for the whole calendar year, the number of holiday days is reduced so it is in commensurate with the number of days you have been employed. You are entitled to five weeks holiday. If you don't have enough holiday days for five weeks vacation you can apply for unpaid holiday and if you are employed after 1 september, or later, you are entitled to one week holiday. The number of holiday days are specified on your payslip. 

Number of vacationdays

Up to and including the age of 29

28 days

From the age of 30

31 days

From the age of 40

35 days

Doctors who have worked at X-ray or radiotherapy departments for five years

42 days

Teaching staff

Teachers are assumed to take vacation continuously after Midsummer, during non-teaching time, according to the local agreement on scheduling of vacation for teachers. But if you make a written agreement with your manager before  31 May you can take vacation during other periods. Doctoral students must use all holiday days during the time of their doctoral studies. At least 20 of your vacation days must be used during the period of June-August according to the Swedish vacation law. Application for holiday is made in PASS.

If you want to save holiday days for the next year you have to come to an agreement with your manager no later than 31 May. The amount of saved holiday days can be a maximum of 30 days.

If you haven't applied for holiday, or come to an agreement with your manager by 31 May your manager is entitled to plan out your holiday according to the local agreement.

Teaching staff is regulated in the appoinments procedure for Umeå university.

More information regarding vacation for teaching staff can be found here (in Swedish only):

Local agreement - Lokalt avtal om förläggning av semester för lärare
Tillämpningsanvisningar till lokalt avtal om förläggning av semester för lärare
Blankett Semesterförläggning - beslut

Apply for holiday

Apply for holiday as early as possible so that it can be planned into your work and approved by your manager. Your manager works in consultation with you to decide on when you can take your holiday. If you have worked the whole year, your holiday must be distributed so that you have at least four weeks holiday between June and August, unless you and your manager have agreed on some other arrangement. Apply for holiday in PASS.

Your manager is entitled, unless there is an agreement, to plan out your holiday according to the local agreement. If you and your manager are not in agreement regarding your holiday both you and the employers trade unions can start a negotiation.

Save holiday?

If you are entitled to more than 20 holiday days in a calendar year, you can save holiday days until a later holiday year if you have an agreement with your manager. However, you cannot save more than 30 days. If you have more than 30 holiday days left at the end of the year, you receive those days in payment the following year, usually in February.

If you have more than 30 holiday days left you can read about the new terms and conditions for saved holiday days here.

When you plan your holiday, your days will be taken from your holiday entitlement for the year, and then from your saved days.

Umeå university offers our employees to instead of saving holiday days, exchange them and place the money in pension savings. More information is found here (in Swedish only).

Calculation of holiday

Holiday is calculated in whole days. If your working hours are distributed evenly Monday to Friday, each regular working day will be counted as one holiday day and one whole holiday day is deducted per working day.

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as Easter, the Swedish National Day, Midsummer, Christmas and New Year's Eve during a holiday period are not counted as holiday days.

There is no difference between full-time work and part-time work regarding the number of days of holiday entitlement.

Holiday payment

If your employment ends and you have holiday days left a holiday payment for those days will be made to you. Usually the month after the end of the employment.

If you are employed by the hour a 12% holiday payment is included in your hourly wages.

Link to pass

PASS - the system for self-reporting absence, holiday, overtime, expenses, etc. Your payslip can also be found in PASS.

Birgitta Berglund