Umeå University has a common salary policy for all employees. Our salary policy must be designed to ensure that the university achieves its objectives and that the business operates efficiently. The determination of salaries must ensure that differences in pay are solely the result of differences in the demands of the job, competence, performance.

As an employee, you have a right to know the basis on which your salary is determined and what you can do to influence it. Your salary can change at three specific points in time:

  • when you are initially employed
  • at the annual salary review

Your salary may also be adjusted if there are major changes in your work duties. The HR manager will make the decision on this.

Your salary must be related to the duties that lie within the scope of your employment. Salary supplements may only be used for

  • temporary assignments in special circumstances, such as temporary managerial duties
  • temporary assignments with duties that are significantly more demanding than your usual employment.

Any salary supplements will be decided on by the dean, the University Director or the HR manager.

You can read more about the salary review, salary determination and individual salary discussions under each heading, or in Umeå University's salary policy.

Elizabet Westerlund