Rules for secondary employment

If you have a secondary employment , you must not do this job during working hours and you must keep your secondary employment clearly separate from your work at the university. The university's resources in the form of personnel, premises, equipment, etc. must not be used to help you carry out a secondary employment, unless you have an agreement on this.

You must apply for leave of absence as soon as your secondary employment may be assumed to have a negative impact on your chances of doing your regular work. You also have to consider your need for daily rest. Your employer is not liable to grant you leave of absence, but may instead choose to decide that you have to give up your secondary employment .

Secondary employment must not involve business transactions between the university and you or your company. All work which you do for the university must be done within the scope of your employment, and you must receive payment as salary or overtime.

An agreement with the university can give you access to the university's infrastructure

You have the opportunity to conclude an agreement which will allow you to use the university's infrastructure for your secondary employment . This agreement may entitle you to use your own office and computer to a limited extent and subject to availability. You will then pay a basic rate of up to 25 per cent of the price base amount. You can also purchase access to the university's premises, appliances and equipment under similar conditions.

Contact the university's lawyers to find out more, or to prepare an agreement.

Chatarina Wiklund