How much will my pension be?

When you retire, your finances change. As your pension comes from several different sources, it can also be difficult to get a proper overview of how much pension you will actually receive. It is therefore a good idea to start reviewing your pension and your various options in advance of your retirement.

What factors affect my pension?

There are several factors that affect the size of your final pension. Below are a few of them:

  • How many years you have worked.
  • What salary you have had during your professional life.
  • The contributions your employer has paid.
  • Your individual choices concerning your occupational pension.

How much will my pension be?

A pension forecast is based on your planned retirement date. In order to be able to make a pension forecast, you therefore need to provide your planned retirement date.

For an overall picture of all three elements of your pension, visit (only in Swedish). The Pension Service is a collaboration between the government and a number of pension companies.

State pension

You will find details of your state pension in the orange envelope you receive each year from The Swedish Pensions Agency. You can also request a pension forecast for your state pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency.

Occupational pension

You will find details of your occupational pension at The National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV). You can request a pension forecast from or by contacting the pension administrator at Human Resources.

Your occupational pension includes a supplementary old-age pension. Forecasts for your supplementary pension can be obtained from Kåpan Pensioner. You can request a forecast from or by contacting the pension administrator at Human Resources.

Private savings

Information about your private savings are available from your insurer.

Birgitta Berglund