Work injury insurance (PSA)

The insurance applies from the first day of employment and can give you compensation in the event of an incident. The work injury insurance cover:

  • Accidents at work
    Example: you slip, fall or are hit by one object or you have been subjected to threats, violence or robbery at work
  • Accidents while traveling to or from work
    Example: you slip and fall on the way to work
  • Other occupational diseases and infectious diseases that have been approved by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency or that are on the ILO list

You can receive compensation, in some cases, for the following:

  • loss of income during periods of acute illness
  • pain and suffering
  • medical costs and other expenses
  • physical disability or other permanent disability
  • other problems
  • future costs, loss of income in the event of disability

In the event of death as a result of a work injury, compensation is paid to the surviving beneficiaries for funeral expenses.

What to do if you are injured

  1. Inform your manager immediately. Your manager must make a work injury report to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Read more here
  2. If you want to seek financial compensation from AFA Insurance ask for help to complete the claim form Report work injury (in Swedish).
  3. In some cases you can also apply for compensation from Försäkringskassan. Read more on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency website Occupational injuries

Please remember

The work injury insurance does not apply when you are on holiday or taking time off. If you suffer an accident at work when you are actually on holiday, this does not qualify as a work injury. In this case, you will need to have private accident insurance.

Working remotely from home 

Injuries that occur in your home are in principle assessed according to the same rules as in the event of an injury at work. What determines whether it is a work injury or not has to do with how the injury occurred.

Unlike working at the workplace, the injury must have a direct connection with the work you are performing. This means that in order to classify it as a work injury, it must have occurred while you are performing your working duties, for example:

  • If you stumble on your work computer cord
  • Work done on the computer, answering work related emails, talking on the phone with a colleague or other work related person
  • Moving around the home while talking on the employer's phone with a colleague or other work related person
  • During working hours, travelling from your home to work to attend a work related meeting
  • Travelling to work to pick up a computer / phone / letter
  • Walk-and-talk meetings if the nearest manager has given his/her approval
Rosita Nilsson