Part-time pension

From the month you turn 61 you can apply for part-time pension.

Regulation for part-time pensions are stipulated in a central agreement about part-time pension (in Swedish) "Avtal om delpension för arbetstagare hos staten". Rules about how this agreement applies to Umeå University have been set by the Vice-Chancellor (in Swedish), reference no. FS 1.1-553-16.

In short, the agreement on part-time pension means that the employer can grant part-time pension from the month you turn 61 and no longer than the month before you turn 65.

Your working hours must be a minimum of half-time. It is important that you, before you reduce your working hours, have the right to pension according to the collective agreement for a total of 120 months. Every application is tried individually and the decision takes into consideration the conditions for the operations and to your situation.

The right to part-time pension is suspended when you turn 65. That means that you lose the right to work part-time if you want to be employed after 65 years of age. You will then return to the working hours you had before your part-time pension.

Part-time pension means that you have been granted a reduction of your working hours with the purpose of you being retired during the time that has been reduced. It is not allowed to collect any other form of salary during your part-time pension.

More information about part-time pension

Contact deputy personnel director Ann-Christin Edlund at the Office for Human Resources for more information about conditions and application.

Birgitta Berglund