Planning my pension

Planning for your pension can start when you start your first job. The planning can consist of different kinds of savings for your pension but also a form of planning of how, when and how much pension you wish to collect.

Retiring does not have to mean that you retire fully at 65 years of age. At present, you have the possibility to retire at any point between the ages of 61 and 67. If you feel that you would rather reduce your working hours, you also have the possibility to retire part-time. Part-time pension can be approved from the month you turn 61 until you turn 65.

Your retirement must also be a part of the planning for the department you are working at. That is why it is important to think about how you would like to retire and to discuss that with your supervisor/head of department. If retirement is approaching and you are considering when and how you would like to retire, a suitable time to bring this up would be at your next development review.

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Birgitta Berglund