Skills development

Umeå University works to provide strategic skills in order to develop and retain our employees and to attract and recruit new employees.

Your skills development is important, both in terms of the university's skills provision plan and your own professional development. The skills development that is appropriate for you is decided jointly by you and your manager, on the basis of the operational plan and skills provision plan of the department or office.

Skills development can be described as different forms of learning or activities that develop your ability to perform the tasks you face in your work. Examples of activities that can be considered skills development are:

  • participating in investigative and project groups
  • joining a network
  • study visits
  • education
  • job rotation
  • further training.

You can read more about skills development at Umeå University in the university's skills development policy and in the university's strategic skills provision plan.

How much of your working hours you can use to develop your skills and the type of activities that are appropriate are decided jointly by you and your manager. Such planning should be based on the operational plan and skills provision plan of the office or department in relation to your skills development needs.

There are many skills-enhancing activities and training available within the university. You can find them under the heading Internal training.

Skills provision plan

Every year, each department and office must assess the need for skills development, on the basis of its operational plan, and draw up a plan for how to develop the skills at the institution or office, a skills provision plan. You and your manager should also have an annual development review where you discuss together your work situation and your need for skills development in order to achieve your individual goals.

The skills provision plan describes the skills development required and planned in order to achieve the business objectives of the department or office.

Your manager is responsible for drawing up a skills provision plan every year.

Rosita Nilsson