Portfolio for acquisition of qualifications

The documentation in the portfolio must demonstrate how the applicant fulfils the assessment grounds and criteria for pedagogic skill applicable at that time. A pedagogical CV normally follows a template, but a portfolio looks different depending on the context in which it is meant to be used.

Below follows the general principles for what a teaching portfolio at Umeå University must contain (Rule for Documentation and assessment of pedagogic qualifications).

a) Pedagogical points of departure and stances

A teaching portfolio must contain an account of your basic pedagogical outlook; your points of departure and your stances. You must also describe how your working context affects your teaching and how you relate to this. Refer to literature, links, appendices or a CV where appropriate. You are free to use the referencing style of your choice.

In the introduction to the personal reflection, the teacher accounts for his/her pedagogical points of departure and stances. Teachers must describe their basic pedagogical outlook and the objectives and frameworks that affect their work. An important prerequisite for conducting professional teaching activities is that the teacher has the relevant higher education teaching expertise and the will to keep developing. Where appropriate, refer to literature, appendices or a CV.

b) The teaching practice

The main part of the portfolio consists of concrete examples of teaching experience. The examples you choose should demonstrate how your basic pedagogical outlook is expressed and how you meet the criteria for pedagogic skill. For all examples, you must describe the activity, target group, pedagogical choices, results, lessons and reflections. The descriptions must be supported by references to appendices, literature, links or a CV where appropriate.

Please consider the criteria that apply for a qualified or excellent teacher when you choose which practical experiences you want to highlight in your portfolio.

c) Evaluations and reviews

The teaching portfolio must contain certificates or evaluation data from, for example, the head of department, director of studies, co-workers, external reviewers and students (via, e.g., course or programme evaluations). Referees may be specified.

Examples of appendices to the teaching portfolio

The appendices included in the portfolio must be a select range of documents that relate to part a, b or c of the teaching portfolio or a CV. A list of appendices can contain the following headings:

  • Reports or information produced as part of courses in teaching and learning in higher education
  • Study guides or other instructions for students
  • Examinations and evaluations
  • Study resources
  • Pedagogical awards
  • Certificates of participation in courses and training programmes
  • Compilations of course evaluations
  • Recommendations from superiors or colleagues
Hanna Karlsson