Development dialogue

The development dialogue is a prepared, structured and regularly held review, at which you and your manager discuss your work situation and your development needs.

The development dialogue is an opportunity for you to evaluate together the most recent period and to plan for the coming year.

  • What has worked well and what has not worked so well at work and at the university?
  • What results are you expected to achieve?
  • What continuing professional development activities or other conditions might you need in order to achieve the goals set for you?

You should be offered at least one development dialogue per year with your manager, and the dialogue should be based on your individual development plan, which should be written down. The development dialogue is not a salary discussion, and the two meetings will be held separately. You can find out more about the salary discussion under Salary discussion.

The development dialogue is also a method of identifying development needs within the university and of monitoring and evaluating various development initiatives.

Preparing for your development dialogue

The first thing you can do is go through your notes and your development plan from the last development dialogue. What has been implemented and what is there still left to do?

Also consider how your work situation is today, such as how well cooperation with colleagues works and how you perceive your duties.

Write down a few points about what you want your future to look like. For example, what conditions you need in order to handle future challenges, new assignments or other changes.

Rosita Nilsson