Nordplus for teachers

As a teacher at Umeå University, you can apply for a teacher exchange through Nordplus to teach at a university in a Nordic or Baltic country.

The Nordplus higher education programme is the exchange programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers for students and teachers at universities and university colleges in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The programme is based on a number of networks and projects between higher education institutions in the different countries.

What can you do?

As a teacher, you can go on an exchange to teach, supervise, develop teaching materials, etc.


The exchange must include at least 8 teaching/working hours and you will receive full pay from your home institution for the duration of the exchange period.


When you go on a teacher exchange through Nordplus, you may be eligible for a scholarship, either through the Nordlys interdisciplinary network or through your own subject network.

Nordplus networks

There are two networks within Nordplus – Nordlys and Kvarkenbron – which are interdisciplinary. In addition to these, Umeå University also participates in a number of smaller subject networks, including:
Norek – a network of business schools
Nordliks – a network of literature and language institutions
Nordtek – a network for engineering studies

Applying for a scholarship

Please contact Alexandra Lindén at the International Office if you wish to apply for a scholarship.


Petra Käck