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If you are planning to stay in Sweden for some time we highly recommend that you learn Swedish. It is a great way to get integrated into Swedish society, both professionally and socially.

Swedish for Academics

All courses in fall 2021 are full. Next course start is January 2022, registration opens in November.

Umeå University offers beginner courses in Swedish aimed to international researchers and staff members. It is a cooperation between the Office for Human Resources and the Department of Language Studies. The teachers have many years of experience teaching students with other mother-tongues than Swedish.

There are courses on three levels, Swedish for Academics 1, 2 and 3. The content of the course is particularly suited to an academic context and directed at the target group's prospective needs.

The course is held once a week in the afternoon 16.00 - 18.00 and consists of a total of 28 hours of lessons during 14 weeks.

Information about the courses

Swedish For Academics level 1 
Course description

Swedish for Academics level 2  
Course description

Swedish for Academics level 3 
Course description

Other ways of learning Swedish

Swedish for immigrants courses by Komvux
To take out these courses you need to have a Swedish id-number. They do not cost anything and it might be possible to have a flexible schedule. Contact them for more information.
More information
SFI - Swedish Employment Public Services
Center for adult education

Folkuniversitetet - private courses
Swedish courses are run every semester and normally contains between 1-10 sessions in the evenings. Since these are private you need to pay a course fee.
Folkuniversitetet homepage
New in Sweden

Online courses - for free
If you want to get started and plan freely you can start with some online courses for free.

Learning Swedish

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