Permanent residence permit family members

Your family members may apply for a permanent residence permit at the same time as you. Unlike before, they will not automatically be granted a permit just because you have one. They must, themselves, meet the requirements for a permanent residence permit.

Since 20 July 2021, applicants must fulfil new, special requirements in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Sweden. This is a short summary, for more information we refer you to the Swedish Migration Agency website. 

Information from the Migration Agency

Extension of the permit

Family members can apply for a permanent residence permit in connection with an application for an extended residence permit, but only after three years. As a residence permit is usually granted for two years at a time, the earliest time to apply for a permanent residence permit is usually after four years.

To be granted a permanent residence permit, your family member must:

  • first of all - meet the requirements for an extended residence permit
  • be able to support oneself financially through income from employment or self-employment (age 18 or over)
  • live an orderly life (age 15 or over)

This is how it works

The Swedish Migration Agency will first examine the main applicants application for a permanent residence permit. The family's application will then be examined. The family members must then first meet the requirements for being granted a permanent residence permit as a close relative of a person with a permanent residence permit.

This means that you, as main applicant, must in most cases meet a maintenance requirement.

If your family members do not fulfil the self-support requirement for permanent residence, they can instead be granted a temporary residence permit if you are able to support them.

More information on the Migration Agency home page

For employees, self-employed persons or doctoral students with a co-appli­cant family

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