Permanent residence permit researcher

If you have lived in Sweden and had a residence permit for research for a total of four years over the past seven years you may be able to get a permanent residence permit. Some special requirements apply from 20 July 2021.

Since 20 July 2021, applicants must fulfil new, special requirements in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Sweden. 

Perma­nent resi­dence permit
When you apply for an extension of your residence permit, you can apply at the same time for a permanent residence permit. A permanent residence permit is valid for as long as you are living in Sweden.

To be granted a permanent residence permit, you must meet the requirements for an extended residence permit, and you must also:

  • have had a residence permit as a researcher and have worked in Sweden for four years over the past seven years
  • be able to support yourself financially
  • be living an orderly life.

What income counts?

You may only count taxed income from legal employment. You may count income from one or more part-time jobs, provided that all the positions meet the above requirements and that the total income is sufficient to be able to support yourself financially. You may count parental benefits or sickness benefits, provided that you have ongoing employment and your parental leave or sick leave is not assessed to be longer than 18 months. (new)

What income does not count?

  • income from a family member
  • wealth or returns from capital
  • unemployment insurance (unemployment benefits) or an activity allowance
  • various forms of grants or scholarships
  • subsidised employment (for example, when the Swedish Social Insurance Agency or the Swedish Public Employment Service pays all or part of the wages)
  • undeclared work or employment without the legal right to work.


The law states that your ability to support yourself financially must be of a certain duration. The Swedish Migration Agency considers you to meet the duration requirement if you have permanent employment, or if you have fixed-term employment lasting at least 18 months from the date on which your application is examined. (new)

You can only apply for a permanent residence permit in connection with filing an application for an extended residence permit. When you apply in the e-service, you are asked whether you also wish to apply for a permanent residence permit.

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Jannike Hurenkamp