Support to Ukrainian citizens with an assignment at Umeå University

Umeå University closely follows the course of events and the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we have compiled a brief information aimed to Ukrainian citizens.

Different conditions may apply depending on your individual situation and you therefore need to investigate what applies in your specific case. In case you need assistance you can contact the HR-support at your host department. 

For an brief overview about the situation, please read the information from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Infor­ma­tion regar­ding the situ­a­tion in Ukraine

You have an assignment at Umeå University and hold a permit that will expire but have time left

If your permit is about to expire, and you still have time left on your assignment, you should apply for an extension. Contact your HR support at your host department to get help with the document you need to complete your application. The Swedish Migration Agency will contact you if they need more information. Make sure to apply before your current permit expires.

You have an assignment at Umeå University and hold a permit that will expire and has expired

If the grounds for your residence permit no longer remains, you can apply for asylum. More information below.

Information about how to apply for asylum

EU's Tempo­rary Protec­tion Directive applies to those who were a resident in Ukraina before 24 February. 

You are visiting Sweden, as a guest or exchange doctoral student and have a visi­tor's permit

You can apply to extend your permit as a visitor. The maximum time to hold this permit is 12 months. 
Read more about residence permits for visits

You also have the right to apply for asylum. You must apply in person by visiting one of the Migration Agency offices that is providing this services. 
Information about applying for asylum

EU's Tempo­rary Protec­tion Directive applies to those who were a resident in Ukraine before 24 February.

You live in another country, not Sweden or Ukraine, and have been offered an assignment at Umeå University

General migration rule:

The migration rule states that an application for a permit can not be granted if you are physically in Sweden. A permit must be granted before entry to Sweden. If you still hold a valid permit in the country you are residing in you should apply for permit suited for your assignment and stay there until it is granted. 

Information about permits in Sweden

Reason for exemption from the general rule:

If your permit expires before your new permit in Sweden is granted you can come here but should be prepared to leave Sweden when your permit is handled and a decision is about to be taken. Due to the current situation in Ukraine an exemption from the general rule might be applicable.

You have come to Sweden directly from Ukraine and are offered an assignment at Umeå University


If you have been offered an assignment we recommend that you apply for a permit suited to your future assignment. 

According to the migration rules Ukrainian citizens can stay in Sweden for 90 days without a permit. If the stay is longer you need a permit. The permit should be granted before entry to Sweden and you are not allowed to physically reside in Sweden. Due to the current situation in Ukraine an exemption from the general rule might be applicable. 

Contact the HR-support at your host department for help concerning your application. 

Information about permits in Sweden

You live in Sweden and hold a permit for work, research or studies at another university

You do not have to take action if you have a valid permit. Future action depend on your situation and needs to be investigated when the situation occur. This could be that you are offered a position or similar at Umeå University and must apply for a new permit to legalise your stay in Sweden.

Ukrainian citizens need no entry visa to travel within the Schengen area

This means that a Ukrainian citizen who can present a valid biometric passport at the Swedish border can stay here without an entry visa for up to 90 days. Also those who do not have a biometric passport have the right to enter and stay in Sweden for 90 days with a Schengen visa.

The Migration Agency are experiencing a rise in the number of visitors at their service centres. This can lead to longer waiting times and queues. If you are from Ukraine, have a biometric passport and somewhere to stay, you do not need to contact the Swedish Migration Agency immediately after your arrival in Sweden to legalize your stay here. 

Resi­dence permit in accor­dance with the EU's Tempo­rary Protec­tion Directive

The Temporary Protection Directive means that Ukrainian citizens and persons who are refugees or have subsidiary protection in Ukraine and have left Ukraine after the Russian invasion can get a temporary residence permit in Sweden.

A person who has received a permit will have the possibility to get help with food and housing, have the right to work, the right to seek basic care, the right to schooling for children, and certain financial support in Sweden.

The directive applies to

  • Ukrainian citizens who were residents of Ukraine before 24 February 2022
  • persons with residence permit as a refugee or have subsidiary protection status in Ukraine
  • family members of the above two.

To be covered by the directive, you must have left the country on 24 February 2022 or later.

Information about the temporary protection directive

How to apply for asylum 

You can apply for asylum at one of the Migration Agency's application units in Gothenburg, Malmö or Stockholm. 

The application must be submitted upon arrival in Sweden

More information about how to apply for asylum and where you need to go to hand in your application.

Information about where to hand in your application

Information about how to apply for asylum

Health support for employees

Employees who need professional counselling or emotional support due to the situation in Ukraine are welcome to contact Feelgood, Umeå University's occupational health care service.

You can also contact your manager or immediate supervisor for support and advice regarding how you are experiencing the situation and whether it affects your work and your mental health.

More about Feelgood

SAR (Scholars At Risk)

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of institutions and individuals whose mission it is to protect scholars and promote academic freedom.

In situations when researchers are discriminated, censored or threatened, the network can offer temporary housing and employment at universities in other countries. 

Researchers who need protection must register directly with the network. 

Information about SAR

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