Employee satisfaction survey

Every three years, Umeå University conducts an employee satisfaction survey to provide each department, office or other unit with an overview of how their staff feel about their work, and to gain an understanding of the strengths and shortcomings in the organisation.

Together, we safeguard a healthy work environment on equal terms, where all members of staff can thrive and prosper.

Employee satisfaction survey in spring 2024

Between 26 February and 15 March, Umeå University will conduct a new employee satisfaction survey. It consists of a web-based survey that you will receive the link to in an email. The subject of the email will be "Umeå universitets medarbetarundersökning/employee satisfaction survey 2024" and the sender will be Umeå University. The link will be sent from the address medarbetarenkat2024@mail.quicksearch.se. If you have not received an email with a link to the employee satisfaction survey, the email may be under "Other" in the inbox in Outlook.

Survey responses are always anonymous. The supplier of the employee satisfaction survey is Quicksearch.

Read the FAQ on employee satisfaction survey.

Your response contributes to a healthy work environment on equal terms

The employee satisfaction survey is a part of the University's systematic work environment undertakings and its work against discrimination at departments, offices and faculties, as well as at the University overall. The results form the basis for work environment improvements and to achieve a healthy work environment on equal terms on all levels of the organisation.

Results will be presented for groups with at least five respondents.

Beside the chance to influence the work situation at your department, office or equivalent, you also contribute to a healthy work environment on equal terms at the entire University. Take this opportunity to voice your opinions!


Systematic work environment management is the employer's undertakings to investigate, implement and follow up the work environment at a workplace.

Learn more about systematic work environment management (in Swedish).

Umeå University's equal opportunities activities follow the Discrimination Act and the government directives on gender mainstreaming. This information provides an introduction to Umeå University's responsibilities as an employer and education provider, and about the existing policy and ambitions.

Learn more about equal opportunities.

Historical results
This is what Umeå University's overall results have looked like in previous years:
Overall report 2021 
Overall report 2018 (In Swedish)
Overall report 2014 (In Swedish)

Results guide 2021



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