First Aid and Defibrillators

Defibrillators with public access are located all over campus. The defibrillator can be used by anyone; in the bag there is a clear instruction manual on how to do it as well as the machine.

In the workplace, there are trained employees in first aid and around the campus there are defibrillators set up with associated instructions.

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Education and training

It is up to each manager to conduct a risk assessment to determine how many people in the workplace need first aid training. These individuals should undergo training at least every three years. Information on how the assessment should be conducted is available in First Aid and Crisis Support (AFS 1999:7).

After completing the course, the participant should be able to lead and respond at an accident site, providing first aid with crisis support as needed. The following components, both theoretical and practical, are included:

  • L-ABC (Dangerous situation, breathing, bleeding, circulation)
  • Adult CPR
  • Sudden illness
  • First aid
  • Crisis management

More information and registration for the course are available on Interna utbildningar och nätverksträffar (EduAdmin).


Defibrillator to be used for CPR is located all around Umeå universitet.

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What is a defibrillator?

The defibrillator has been used in healthcare for quite a long time. The defibrillator gives clear spoken instructions to you on how to perform CPR. The defibrillator then analyses the patient's heart rhythm and recommends whether or not to administer an electric shock. The defibrillator is intelligent and it isn't possible to shoot electrical power into someone who doesn't need it.
The defibrillator can be used by anyone; in the bag there is a clear instruction manual on how to do it as well as the machine. Even though receiving the training is not required, it is however a significant advantage if you become competent in rendering CPR.

Defibrillators are located throughout Umeå University. For Campus Umeå and Umeå Arts Campus, defibrillators are marked on Mazemap.

Defibrillator Registry

The public accessed defibrillators at Umeå University are registered in Sweden's Defibrillator Registry. Via and the "Save the Heart" app, the public can obtain better information about where public access defibrillators are located. 

The Defibrillator Registry is a national registry for public access defibrillators available outside hospitals in Sweden and owned by the Swedish Council for CPR. The Registry works in cooperation with SOS Alarm. This allows the emergency services operator to see the locations of the registered public access defibrillators on the map and be able to inform the caller of where the nearest defibrillator is located for rapid life-saving operation while waiting for an ambulance.

contact information

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How to use a Defibrillator

Occupational injury and incident

If you are injured at work or experience that an event is risky it is important that you notify your manager. There are also some other things to consider.

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