Work injuries and incidents

If you are injured at work or experience a hazardous event, you should report this to your manager. A report is an important basis for you to be able to apply for compensation through any of the insurance cover you have as an employee.

Occupational injury insurance applies to all those who work; employees, contractors and the self-employed. It also applies to students who are exposed to specific risks during their education, for example during a practical exercise.

A work injury can be:

  • Accident on work
  • Accident on your way to/from work
  • Illness due to work
  • Contamination (known contamination)

For example:

  • Physical injury suffered at work
  • Physical injury resulting from threats or violence in the workplace
  • Physical injury suffered while travelling to or from work
  • Ill health due to the psychological work environment, such as conflicts at work or heavy workload.

Report work injury

If you injure yourself at work you should immediately report it to your manager. Your manager must immediately make a work injury report to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (injury report form), together with the injured and work environment representative.

Read more about routines for reporting under related documents.

If you have questions, contact the work environment coordinator at the Building office.

You should report all accidents and illnesses that arises at work, whether or not they result in sick leave. A report highlights risks in the work environment and is important to our efforts to improve our work environment.

Serious work injuries and incidents

Your manager shall immediately report serious work injuries and incidents to the Swedish work environment authority. It can for example be:
- accidents that lead to death
- difficult personal injuries (fractures, a lot of blood loss, damage to internal organs, difficult damage on nerve, muscle or tendon, burns, frostbite)
- accidents that affect several employees at the same time for example a fire (does not have to be difficult injury)

Serious incidents shall also immediately be reported. Example on serious incidents:
- needle stick injury with known or strongly suspected contamination
- threat by knife
- threat of violence
- bullying

Report here


An incident is a sudden event that could have resulted in personal injury. To prevent work injuries, your manager, in consultation with the workplace representative, should acknowledge, investigate and report all incidents. Reporting incidents to your manager highlights different kinds of work environment risks and is important to our efforts to improve our work environment. Send the report form to the work environment coordinator at the Building office.

Frida Fjellström