Staff who are or can be a carrier of COVID-19

A person who has been infected with COVID-19 or who has been exposed to COVID-19 is to be seen as a suspected disease carrier and can be given specific orders by a doctor stating that the member of staff cannot go to work. This page describes how such situations can be handled.

It is during contact tracing that close contacts and household contacts receive orders that can mean that the person cannot go to work, school or participate in recreational activities. Everyone is obliged by law to follow the measures necessary to protect themself and others from risk of infection.

This is valid for staff at Umeå University who have received orders of not going to work

  • Staff who are healthy enough to work are urged to work from home with work tasks that can be performed from home in agreement with the manager.
  • Staff who are healthy enough to work, but cannot work from home, can remain at home without salary deduction if a doctor has issued rules of conduct. Normally, staff need to show a medical certificate of these rules of conduct to their employer, but the Government has decided to reintroduce temporary measures regarding medical certificates. From 27 December 2021, staff do not need to provide a medical certificate. It is still important that staff contact their manager and that the manager certifies that such rules of conduct have been issued. This takes place through a written certification by the employer. Managers can determine if there are work tasks that the employee can conduct from home. These temporary regulations about medical certificates apply until 31 March 2022.
  • Staff who are looking after a sick child are to apply for care of a sick child allowance (vab) from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Report your absence in PASS.
  • Staff who are too sick to work must report sick in PASS.

Disease carrier allowance (smittbärarpenning)

Members of staff at Umeå University cannot apply for disease carrier allowance (smittbärarpenning) from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency since staff do not miss out on any income when absent from work as a suspected disease carrier. This is according to an agreement entered into between the Swedish Agency for Government Employees and the employee organisations, which states that no salary deduction is to be made when an employee is absent due to being a confirmed or suspected disease carrier according to the Communicable Diseases Act (Smittskyddslagen).


If staff have questions regarding their specific situation, please first and foremost consult your line manager. If managers have questions on how to process cases, please consult your HR support or the Human Resources Office. If you have other questions about the university's information or handling of COVID-19, please contact

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Register sick leave or care of sick child in the self-service system PASS.

Anja Axelsson