Like many other university cities, accommodation in Umeå is in great demand. Here we have compiled information about how to find accommodation.

Rental contract

There are two types of rental contracts in Sweden.

  • First-hand (förstahand)
    A first-hand contract means that the apartment is in your name and you deal directly with the landlord. It is usually required that you register with a housing company and stand in line.
  • Second-hand (andrahand)
    A second-hand contract is essentially a sublet, which may or may not occur with the knowledge and consent of the landlord - and this is usually an agreement for a specified time period. If you decide to sublet an apartment, we always recommend a formal contract.
    Deposits are a common procedure, but should not be more than a month's rent. You should also receive a receipt (even hand-written) from the landlord for the payment of the deposit, and you should get your deposit back once you move out, unless something was broken and needed repair, and a receipt is shown for the reparations.

List of housing companies and private landlords

Umeå Municipality's website provides a list of housing companies and private landlords. Most of these housing companies and landlords are private and have different queue systems to allocate vacant apartments. Note that some for some of the housing companies you will need to have a Swedish id number to get in line.

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Bostaden is a municipal agency that provides apartments in Umeå. Bostaden is the biggest actor on the Umeå housing rental market and allocates apartments on the basis of a queue system. It is possible to register to get in line without a Swedish id number.

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Apartments for visiting researchers

Lars Färgares gård in Gammlia have 38 apartments primarily intended for rent to foreign visiting researchers and visiting lecturers at the university. Please contact your hosting department who can check the current availability.

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Advertisements at Umeå University webpage

Umeå University has a website for private individuals who wants to sublet their appartment, house or a room (shared living). The webpage is mainly in Swedish, but there are some advertisments in English.
Accommodation to rent 

It is also possible to publish your own advertisment. Contact Sara Rambe for help

Helpful tips

Ask your hosting department for help. Someone might have heard about available housing.

Start up with a short term contract (second-hand). Once you have received the Swedish id number you will be able to register with more housing companies. Also, it is easier to look for accomodation when you are in Umeå.

Be open in mind about where you want to live. Accommodation near the university and central city is hardest to find. Umeå is a rather small city and you can easily walk, bike or take the bus everywhere.

Related information

Household insurance

Make sure to arrange a household insurance (hemförsäkring). As a tenant, you must always have a private household insurance even if you are renting your appartment second-hand.

Fire safety

Fire safety is very important no matter where you live. Some things in Sweden may be different from where you come from. Please take a few minutes to watch this video.



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Bostaden AB
The biggest actor on the rental housing market in Umeå.

Rosita Nilsson