New mobile contract causes problems

31 August 2017

Over the summer, thirty error reports have reached the IT Office regarding the change of mobile contracts. As a result, Tele2 will attend to the problems – but staff are encouraged to submit further error reports. Until the problems have been dealt with, no further contracts will be moved to Tele2 irrespective of when the order was made.


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Since this spring, approximately half of Umeå University's mobile contracts have changed operators from Telia to TDC/Tele2. Approximately 500 contracts remain to be changed. However, university users have reported around thirty problems that have occurred after the changeover. First and foremost, it concerns problems of geographical coverage and mobile signal, both for data roaming and for calls.

"We have passed on information on the problems to Tele2, who have now gathered a team focused on investigating and fixing the problems swiftly. Until this has happened, no further contracts will be moved over to Tele2. In other words, all remaining contracts will stay with Telia," says Arne Vedefors, head of the IT Office.

Orders submitted after 15 June will be included in the final changeover. Information about this date and future orders will be provided at a later date.

"As for now, we are awaiting measures from Tele2," says Arne Vedefors, who also points out that Telia contracts will be functional until the last changeover has taken place.

Submit error reports

In order to simplify the troubleshooting, Teleservice requests all error reports to be submitted again.

An error report regarding Tele2 services should contain the following crucial information:

• Phone number to the person who made the phone call (caller, not recipient)

• Phone number to the recipient of the phone call

• Time and date

• Location of the phone call (important in order to measure distance to the nearest mast)

Also, please include a description of the problem – for instance cut call, silent call or problems getting through.

Submit an error report (in Swedish)

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