Building work vibrations can disturb precision work

6 September 2017

The construction work for building the campus cycle superhighway has begun on Linnaeus väg. The groundwork – planned for September and October – can be noticed as vibrations in surrounding building. Also, the road will be split into two halves to avoid traffic jams.

The construction of the new campus cycle superhighway has started. The highway will connect Gösta Skoglunds väg with Petrus Laestadius väg in a north-southerly direction.

The construction of the cycle superhighway has begun on the Linnaeus road (yellow marked route), and is scheduled for September and October.


Earthmoving and packing can cause slight vibrations in surrounding building; the Natural Sciences Building, the Physics Building and the KBC Building. Since university operations sensitive to vibrations such as precision work, careful measurements and lab work are carried out in these buildings, the level of vibration will be under close surveillance throughout the build.

The building work will also involve splitting the road into two halves, which will affect access for good transports and other traffic to the above mentioned buildings.

According to the current time plan, the work will carry on throughout September and October after which it will cease to be resumed in the summer. Weather permitting, work may continue later into the autumn.

Akademiska Hus and Svensk markservice are in charge of building the cycle superhighway.

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For more information, please contact:

Johan Isacson,
Project manager, Akademiska Hus

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