Climate seminar for H.M. the King

7 February 2018

John Anderson holds the royal environmental professorship at Umeå University for 2017–2018. On Wednesday 14 February, he will together with four colleagues, hold open lectures with the Swedish King in the audience. The theme is climate effects on Northern ecosystems.

John Anderson, holder of the H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s professorship in environmental sciences for 2017–2018.

Photo: Pierre Oesterle

The Arctic and Greenland expert John Anderson, professor at Loughborough University in England, has been a visiting professor at Umeå University since October 2017. The host for his stay is the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science and the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) at Umeå University. John Anderson is using Umeå as a base for his work but regularly visit CIRCs premises at the Abisko Scientific Research Station in the Swedish mountains.

What will John Anderson's seminar cover?

"He will be talking about ecological changes in Northern lakes and I'm expecting a few examples from Greenland where he has conducted research over a number of years," says Professor Jan Karlsson, director of CIRC and host of the seminar.

Why will the Swedish King and several prominent guests join the seminar?

"They are coming to learn more about the climate research that is conducted in the Arctic by John Anderson, by CIRC and by the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science. We are pleased that H.M. the King shows an interest in these important climate issues."

What are your expectations of the day?

"I'm looking forward to hearing about new and interesting research. It's particularly intriguing when the lectures are so wide-spreading, from land processes to fish and various scientific lines of action. At CIRC, we have a long tradition of interdisciplinary research in the North with extensive operations in the Swedish mountains, but also across the Arctic region, for instance in North America and Russia. We are very pleased to have received John Anderson's visiting professorship, which will lead to new research collaborations and increased operations not least in Greenland."

About John Anderson's research

As a visiting professor at Umeå University, John Anderson is trying to better understand how the environment in the Arctic has changed during the 21st century by comparing two carefully studied regions, Abisko in Northern Sweden and the Kangerlussuaq region in South East Greenland. John Anderson will also be leading an excursion with Umeå researchers to Greenland, which could be the beginning of more research over there in the future."

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Photo: Pierre Oesterle

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