New international employee recruitment web

13 February 2018

A new English web to aid the recruitment of international employees has been published in the new web format. The pages named Work with us aim to provide a clearer image of what Umeå University and Umeå can offer qualified applicants from abroad.

The contents under Work with us can be used by the entire University and have been produced particularly with the recruitment of international faculty and staff in mind. The information covers working life at Umeå University and Sweden, what benefits are offered and potential career options as well as a description of life in Umeå. The list of available jobs is also a natural part of these web pages. In order to find your way there, Work with us now has a clear link from the current start page at

Over the last year, the recruitment pages at have developed and expanded. And in December, these were actually some of the first pages to move from our web publishing systems Infoglue to EpiServer with a whole new look, more detailed information aimed at prospective employees and a more user-friendly job listing.



The new English recruitment web is the result of close collaborations between the Office for Human Resources and the Communications Office.

"I'm delighted to finally be able to present a recruitment web in a modern format. It's been inspiring to work together with these pages and make use of each other's expertise. We are hoping that the information will be appreciated and well-used," says Karin Lundström, development consultant at the International Staff Support, who offers support to departments and members of faculty and staff in international recruitment.

Take a look at the new pages Work with us. Feel free to add a link to Work with us in job advertisements or from your department website. If you would like to share your views about the web pages, please get in touch. We welcome your input.

Follow the exciting work of creating a new University web at the collaboration site Ny webb 2018, available in Swedish only.

For more information, please contact:

Karin Lundström, development consultant at International Staff Support, the Office for Human Resources
Anna Lawrence, translator and communications officer at the Communications Office

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