Reworked rules of procedure in motion

1 March 2018

A thorough overhaul of the University's organisation took place in autumn 2017. This has now resulted in new rules of procedure for the University. The biggest changes concern schools and centres.

In autumn 2017, a working team was commissioned by Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson to complete an overhaul of the organisation. In December and January, the organisation then had the chance to read and comment on the proposal.

The work has now resulted in a new rules of procedure for the University and was agreed upon by the University Board at their assembly on 20 February 2018.

The biggest changes

The rules of procedure that were agreed upon are generally the same as the ones submitted for consideration to the organisation in December. The major changes are as follows:

  • Institutioner, arbetsenheter and centrum (departments, units and centres) form the basic organisational structure at the University. The word centrum (translated centre) replaces the former centrumbildning (centre of expertise and research).
  • Högskola (school) will henceforth not be categorised as its own organisational units, but instead a name for either a department, unit (arbetsenhet) or centre.
  • A centre should be conformed under a host department or host unit (arbetsenhet), not as in previous cases under a host faculty. A centre may not have any employees.
  • Both units and centres should be reviewed regularly according to a time plan set up at the establishment of the unit or centre.
  • If there are particular reasons to do so, a department could be divided into subdivisions, these are to be called avdelning, which should be translated as section.
  • Previous rules of procedure state that all faculties should have at least two committees: one for issues regarding education and one for research. They also stated that the chairpersons of these committees should be members of the faculty management. These regulations have been omitted. Instead, this is now up to the respective faculty to decide.

Clearer forms for decision-making

The rules of procedure also describe other changes to the organisational structure, decision-making, roles and responsibilities. The new wordings elucidate matters such as the forms for the decision-making power that the Vice-Chancellor, the University Board and various committees have. The register of central councils is removed from the rules of procedure. Instead, a reference (5.2.3) takes place providing the Vice-Chancellor with the right to make the decision on what counselling bodies are necessary.

Research infrastructure is not mentioned

The working team who over the course of autumn and winter completed the organisational overhaul that the new rules of procedure are based on, have also investigated the need for particular solutions for research infrastructure within the organisation. However, this is not a matter included in the new rules of procedure.

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Daniel Anderson
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