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26 April 2018

On Tuesday 8 May and Monday 14 May, you as an employee at Umeå University get the chance to test, share experiences, ask questions and learn more about how you connect and invite others to an online meeting using Skype for businesses and Zoom. Just bring your computer and a headset.

Helena Karlsson and Elin Jakobsson, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, are having a virtual meeting.

Photo: Simon Öhman Jönsson

We are kicking off new sessions at 11:00, 11:30, 12:00 and 12:30. After a short introduction, you will set up a virtual test meeting using your computer. Please join us in the atrium of the University Liaison Building where we also offer participants a lunch sandwich. No prior registration is necessary. Please remember to download and install Skype for business to your computer.

In September and October, the IT Office is offering technical support free of charge and a personal trainer to help more people at Umeå University get started with digital meetings. This initiative is a part of a national project called REMM – Resfria/digitala möten i myndigheter (Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies) run by the Swedish Transport Administration.

Umeå University would like to reduce the emissions from travel and transportation. Within the national project REMM – Resfria/digitala möten i myndigheter (Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies), the University is launching an initiative to increase the number of virtual meetings. Digital meetings can be both cost and time efficient. Give it a go!

For more information, please contact:

Arne Vedefors, IT-enheten
Phone: +46-90-786 68 88
E-mail: arne.vedefors@umu.se

For more information about the workshops, please contact:

Petra Käck
Communications Office
E-mail: petra.kack@umu.se

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