Record response rate for employee satisfaction survey

9 April 2018

The 2018 employee satisfaction survey has now been completed. More than five out of six – or 83 per cent – of employees at the University responded to this year's survey. The results will be presented to heads of departments and heads of offices at the end of April.

Head of the Office for Human Resources Lars Nordlander is pleased with the 83 per cent response rate in this year's employee satisfaction survey.

Photo: Ulrika Bergfors

"83 per cent is a very high response rate. The corresponding numbers for the previous surveys were 77 per cent for 2014 and 73 per cent for 2011," says Head of the Office for Human Resources, Lars Nordlander, who also expresses his gratitude to all employees who participated and to all committed managers and HR secretaries.

The proportion of employees who completed the survey varied depending on faculty. The highest response rate of 85 per cent respectively came from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences, but also the other faculties had a higher percentage of respondents than in previous years.

"The next step is to go through the data in order to present the results to heads of departments and heads of offices at the end of April or early May. Thereafter, each workplace will go through an analysis of the results for the individual unit and prioritise measures for improvement," says Lars Nordlander.

Response rate at faculties, the University Library and the University Administration:

  • Faculty of Arts – 85 per cent
  • Faculty of Medicine – 77 per cent
  • Faculty of Social Sciences – 85 per cent
  • Faculty of Science and Technology – 81 per cent
  • University Library – 93 per cent
  • University Administration – 89 per cent
  • Umeå School of Education – 90 per cent

For more information, please contact:

Lars Nordlander
Head of the Office for Human Resources
+46 76-790 60 06

Lars Mähler
Development Consultant, project manager
+46 73-274 23 99

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