Fitness reimbursements and exercise during work hours

18 September 2019

The former regulation for fitness reimbursements has now been replaced. The new regulation contains clarifications regarding the fitness reimbursement, the Fitness Hour (i.e. one hour of exercise during working hours), participation in Health on Campus, and also a note worth remembering – the insurance does not cover your Fitness Hour.

Submit your fitness reimbursement claim

The new regulation, Friskvård vid Umeå universitet (FS 1.1-1022-19), approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 10 September 2019 clarifies that the fitness reimbursement is offered to all employees regardless of employment, and is also applicable to parents on parental leave and employees on sick leave. However, the reimbursement is not offered to scholarship-holders.

The routine for fitness reimbursements changed during 2019 and is now described in detailed on Aurora, as well as in the new regulation. All receipts should now be scanned by the employee and no original receipts need to be submitted.

You still need to submit your claim for reimbursement no later than 10 December to obtain a reimbursement for fitness activities for the current year. Claims submitted after 10 December will fall under the following year's reimbursements.

Use your Fitness Hour

You are entitled to use one working hour per week for exercise of some sort. We call this your Fitness Hour (Friskvårdstimme, in Swedish). It has previously not been regulated how this hour may be used. The new regulation specifies that part-time employees' right to a Fitness Hour is in proportion to their working hours. Hence, if you work 50%, you have the opportunity to use 30 minutes of you working hours for fitness activities per week.

Your Fitness Hour may be utilised when your work allows, and the time of day should be approved by your manager. The hour may be split into no more than two sessions per week and cannot be accumulated for later use. The Fitness Hour will not help build up your flexitime. The Fitness Hour should be used at the start or finish of your working day, alternatively during your lunch break.

No insurance coverage through work

It is important to note that the employer's work insurance does not cover your Fitness Hour. Hence, you are recommended to sign a private accident insurance that covers any potential injuries caused during your Fitness Hour. This is based on a court case tried earlier in 2019 where an employee in Jönköping did not receive remuneration from the employer's work insurance for an injury caused during the employee's Fitness Hour.

Participate in Health on Campus

The fitness regulations at Umeå University also cover participation in Health on Campus, an endeavour to promote health and wellness at Umeå University organised twice per year. Your head of department or equivalent decides if the day should be tuition free for students and if employees should be given an opportunity to participate. The decision should be based on participation not causing any negative consequences to the organisation.

Read the regulation Regel – Friskvård vid Umeå universitet

For more information, please contact

Ann-Christin Edlund, deputy human resources director

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