Join Umeå University´s campus guide team!

18 September 2019

Do you want to meet new and exciting people and at the same time become an expert on Umeå University's history and activities? The Communications Office is now looking for employees who can bolster our campus guide team.

A large variety of groups contact the University and seek a tour of the campus. It includes everything from visitors from other universities to prospective students and business representatives. In order to provide the guests with a warm and professional welcome, we formed a guide team two years ago, consisting of both staff and students. Today, we offer guided campus tours in eight different languages and since the start we have conducted over 100 guided tours.

Would you lika to join our guide team? You will receive a brief education and continuous training in the form of study visits and guest lectures. No compensation is paid to your workplace, but the hosting knowledge you gain will most likely be a benefit to your unit or department!

In addition, on 1 October at 10:00 to 11:30, the guide team will, as part of their continuing education, participate in a guided city walk in Umeå, which concludes with a light lunch. Join along, without any conditions, and meet the other guides!

The first-come, first-served principle applies and you can sign up by emailing Julia Berggren, by 27 September at the very latest.

Those who are guides certainly get to choose, based on their own work situation, if they can take on a campus guided tour or not, and your head of department or manager´s permission is needed. Welcome to Umeå University´s campus guide team!

Julia Berggren

Communications Office
090-786 61 56 or 070-327 80 80

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