New English job titles overall

10 September 2019

A thorough revision of English job titles at Umeå University has been carried out. Common titles such as senior lecturer, researcher and postdoc are three examples of titles with new English translations. The result is a Regulation for English titles and an updated list of job titles.

Titles at Umeå University should be descriptive, internationally competitive, linguistically accurate, gender-neutral and functional. For this reason, the Language Council at Umeå University has been assigned with revising all titles.

The result is a Regulation for English Titles (Regler för engelsk titulatur) approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 10 September 2019, a list of titles for the University Administration approved by the University Director, and a collective List of job titles published on Aurora.

For examples, the translations of associate senior lecturer, senior lecturer, postdoc and researcher have been revised. Swedish and English titles for joint academic and clinical titles at the Faculty of Medicine, and the translations of prodekan and vicedekan have also been adjusted. Some minor changes have also been made to Swedish titles.

Regulation for English Titles comes into effect on 1 January 2020 and also includes a short style guide for the use of capital letters in titles.

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List of job titles at Umeå University

Please note! The Regulation for English Titles and its appendix have not been translated, but relevant information is available in the list of job titles through the link above.

For more information, please contact

Anna Lawrence, translator, and secretary of the Language Council at Umeå University

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