Become more searchable on the university's web

23 October 2020

There is now a new improved search function for searching among employees on the university's home page who search for words in your own presentation text on your staff page.

You can now check a box "Staff" before you search and then enter which keyword you want, e.g. History of Ideas (shows today only a few of our employees), Environmental Archeology (shows today only three people on the Swedish site and a few more on the English site) or something narrower as History of technology or bomb shelters.

The search function then searches in the text fields on your staff page, ie in the field(s) Presentation text and the field Teaching (if you have entered anything there). Feel free to try searching for keywords you want to be associated with and see if you show up, if not, edit your personal page and add the words you want to be associated with in your presentation text.

Note! The research subject you are employed within is NOT associated with you automatically, you must enter it in the presentation text yourself in order to appear in searches. Your publications also do not affect if you appear in staff searches.

Also note that the search function distinguishes between the Swedish presentation text and the English, in such a way that you only appear in searches on the Swedish web if you have the word in your Swedish presentation and vice versa.

This search function may be used by journalists, other researchers and more, so please make sure you appear here on relevant keywords.

English site: Here you can try to search specific keywords and see if you show up (Click on the magnifying glass at the top right and then tick "Staff" before typing in the keyword

Here you can edit the text on your personal page

If you have any questions contact your department's webmaster.

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