Feverish activity at Curiosum, before the opening

23 September 2020

At Umeå University's new science center at Arts campus, the staff is preparing intensely for the public soft opening in a few weeks. But even now, parts of the center have sneak-opened.



The school program in science and technology has already started. Every week, some school groups get to try one of the newly developed school themes in science and technology with names such as "Berta's Dragon Party", "Chemistry Detectives", "Future Fixers" or "Planet Safari". After the autumn holidays, bookings will open for more of Umeå's schools. The preschool's 5-year-olds, year 3, 6 and 8 in primary school and the high school's year 1 (nature and technology) can then book different themes.

Madelen Bodin, director of Curiosum, talks about other things going on behind the scenes:
– All the technology is in place in the dome theater and is now being fully tested. In the workshops, props and scenography are built for exhibitions and activities. A traveling exhibition, Shelter, is set up this week. An experiment cart is ready and the educators test experiments that are to be shown to the public.

When does Curiosum open to the public?
– We expect to let the public visit Curiosum starting on October 17, if nothing unforeseen occurs due to, for example, covid-19, delayed deliveries or technical problems, says Madelen Bodin.

What does Curiosum do to reduce the risk of spreading covid-19?
– This autumn, we limit the opening hours for the public to weekends only, but during the autumn holidays we are open. You also need to pre-book your visit and we limit the number of visitors to different activities. We are also careful with cleaning and work together with visitors to increase knowledge about the risks of spreading the infection and what you need to think about. The café and FabLab will be closed until we can offer safe environments there as well, says Madelen Bodin.

Starting off with Astronomy Day and Night
– For those who do not want to wait until October 17, Curiosum offers live broadcasts through the Curiosum Facebook page in connection with Astronomy Day and Night on September 26. You will meet scientists who can tell you about how to measure electric fields on the moon and about the chances that life exists elsewhere in the universe.

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For more information, please contact:

Madelen Bodin, Director, Curiosum
E-mail: madelen.bodin@umu.se

Eva Lönn, Communication Officer, Curiosum
E-mail: eva.lonn@umu.se

Text: Eva Lönn

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