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1 October 2020

Appointments, promotions and applications to the pedagogical qualifications model all demand that teachers document their pedagogical skills in a teaching portfolio. The portfolio is used for assessing the applicants teaching skills. This is an invitation to teachers at the Faculty of Science and technology to participate in workshops where you can create and develop a teaching portfolio.

Participants in each workshop will receive a certificate from UPL, which can be used in a future teaching portfolio.

Workshop I: Understanding teaching portfolio at 13-16

No preparations needed
During the workshop you will develop your knowledge of teaching portfolios and be given the opportunity to create a structure for your own portfolio and to begin to develop some of the documents that you want to include.
In this workshop we also take a look at the requirements and guidelines for documentation and assessment of pedagogical qualifications at Umeå University
Deadline for applications is 8 November.

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Workshop II: Developing your teaching portfolio at 13-16

Preparations: you need to bring a draft version of your teaching portfolio to the workshop
The purpose of this workshop is to deepen and practically use your knowledge of teaching portfolios. During the workshop you will work with your portfolios. You will receive feedback on your own portfolio and give feedback to others. We are also going to look at the existing guidelines for documentation and assessment of pedagogical qualifications at Umeå University.
Deadline for applications is 7 January 2021

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