Record number of admissions to science and technology programmes

13 August 2020

This autumn, the Faculty of Science and Technology has admitted a record number of students to its educational programmes. The number of novice students is 975, an increase by 21 percent compared to last year. The foundation year programme has also admitted more students, 245 compared to 187 last autumn.

A record number of 975 students have been admitted to the programmes in science and technology this autumn.


"We are very happy that so many want to study with us. Although we have increased the number of admitted students, we also see a large increase in the number of applicants on the waiting list for our programmes" says Sara Sjöstedt de Luna, deputy dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology. "This applies not least to the master's degree programmes in engineering, where the waiting list has increased from 177 to 523. We have a total of 752 people on the waiting list for the architectural programme, and for the first time in a long time we have students on the waiting list for the bachelor's programme in biology and earth sciences. There are 13 people in line to start reading this autumn."

Sara Sjöstedt de Luna.


Compared with the autumn of 2019, all beginner programmes except the bachelor's programme in environmental health and the engineering programme in electric power technology will increase. A total of 975 students are accepted, compared to 803 last year.

"In the five-year engineering programmes, a total of 435 students have been admitted, an increase of 56 compared with last year's admission. The explanation for the increase is partly that the applications for these educations have increased by 34 percent compared to last year, at the same time as we have increased the number of places by 50" says Staffan Schedin, faculty director of studies.

The foundation year in science and technology, where students can take upper secondary school courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics to become eligible for more programmes, is also increasing sharply.

"This autumn, we accept 245 students to the foundation year" says Staffan Schedin. "This is partly due to an increase in applicants per place, and partly because we have received extra funding from the government and have been able to expand with 86 new places."

Staffan Schedin.


Significantly more students have also been admitted to the three-year bachelor's programmes and engineering programmes this year compared with last year. On average, these programmes have increased the number of admissions by just over 30 percent this year, which is mainly due to increased demand.

"For example, the bachelor's programme in biology and earth science has increased from 44 to 70 admitted students compared to the autumn of 2019" says Staffan Schedin. "And in the engineering programme in construction technology, we have ten on the waiting list despite the fact that we have increased the number of admissions from 45 to 50."

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