Vaccination certificates for public events and gatherings

24 November 2021

The Swedish Government has now decided to introduce vaccination certificates in Sweden from 1 December, and this may affect the university's public events and gatherings to which the general public has access. However, vaccination certificates are not required for students to take part in the university's teaching activities and examinations.

From 1 December, organisers and organisations will have the opportunity to use vaccination certificates at public events and gatherings with over 100 participants. But it will not be a legal requirement. If the organiser chooses not to use vaccination certificates, however, they need to apply other measures issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. For instance, designated seats, distance between groups and size limits on groups, see information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden in the links below.

What is a public event or gathering?

For an event or gathering to be considered public, it must be organized for, or open to, the general public. An event or gathering that is only aimed at Umeå University students or staff, and to which the general public does not have access, does not count as a public event or public gathering.

Vaccination certificate not applicable for teaching and examination
Teaching and examination are neither a public gathering nor a public event and are hence not covered by the proposed vaccination certificates. Please note though, that beside what applies regarding vaccination certificates, an accountable authority, for instance Umeå municipality or Region Västerbotten, can demand that students are vaccinated when participating in placements or clinical training.

Using vaccination certificates

According to the Government decision, an organiser of a public event or gathering choosing to use vaccination certificates must verify the authenticity of the vaccination certificate together with identification upon entry to the event.

According to a press release issued by the Swedish Government, organisers who use vaccination certificates must also have routines in place for how to check vaccination certificates. For instance, no personal data may be stored.

Vaccination certificates only covers proof of vaccination, not proof of recovery or a negative test result. A vaccination certificate is one part of the so-called COVID certificate, which includes all three parts mentioned. A vaccination certificate is issued by the Swedish eHealth Agency through People under the age of 18 or those who have been advised against COVID-19 vaccination on medical grounds are exempt.

Public events at Umeå University

Continue to submit your questions regarding specific public events and gatherings organised by Umeå University to, and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

More information from other authorities

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