Seminar focuses on gender balance in university committees

18 February 2021

Promoting gender-balanced participation in committees at Swedish universities is more complex than just focusing on equal numbers of men and women. To highlight the importance of gender balance, The Equality and Diversity Committee at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, invites to a Zoom seminar on March 4, where these issues will be discussed.

Malin Linder Nording.


"We have seen an interest in these issues and wanted to raise it in connection with the International Women's Day to engage as many people as possible in an important issue that is about going from thought to action and bring about real change" says Malin Linder Nording, associate professor and chair of The Equality and Diversity Committee.

Promoting gender-balanced participation in decision-making at Swedish universities and equal numbers of women and men in committees have long been encouraged. But, more effective methods need to be identified and implemented for promoting equal conditions.

Instead of focusing only on leveling out numerical differences in the composition of reference groups, experts and such, also more qualitative aspects need to be considered, for example better exemplifying what counts as scientific qualifications and clarifying assessment criteria that can be followed regardless of gender.

The goal of this seminar is to highlight different aspects of gender balance in committees with invited speakers representing main aspects on the process of appointing committee members, as well as consequences both on the individual level and for the organization.

"By bringing researchers from different fields together, we hope to catalyze a discussion about how to optimize the promotion of women in academia and reach the goal of gender-balanced participation in decision-making within a reasonable timeframe" says Malin Linder Nording.

Invited speakers are:

• Mikael Elofsson, dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University
• Nina Wormbs, professor, KTH
• Malin Rönnblom, professor, Karlstad University
• Ulrika Haake, professor, Umeå University

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The seminar takes place on Zoom on March 4, 13.00-16.00
No registration needed.

Link to the seminar:
Passcode: 756751

The seminar is organized by The Equality and Diversity Committee at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University. The committee works proactively to raise awareness about equality and diversity issues. The aim is to highlight the importance of equal opportunities for all at Umeå University and other universities, knowing that a key challenge in academia is to create an inclusive space for teaching and research, which is essential for fulfilling the principle of excellence in academia. Inclusion is also a cornerstone in assuming responsibility for the future, as well as endorsing collaborative development of knowledge, and competitive edge and pride, the three guiding principles in Umeå University's vision.

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