Invitation to researchers to participate in ForskarFredag

27 April 2021

Do you conduct research at Umeå University? Do you want to take part in Sweden's most widespread science festival ForskarFredag this autumn? A warm welcome to participate in a popular science event in September.

ForskarFredag is an international event that takes place throughout the EU. In Sweden, it is usually held in about thirty places. The main purpose is for the target group, mainly children and young people, to meet you as a researcher and experience how fun your work is. In Sweden, we have the motto "a researcher is an ordinary person with an unusually exciting job!". ForskarFredag is coordinated nationally by Vetenskap och Allmanhet.

Last year, Curiosum held a couple different events under the flag ForskarFredag, which were only digital due to the pandemic. This year we hope to have a physical event as well.

Event 1: "Borrow a researcher" (låna en forskare) week 38

Researchers present themselves and maybe demonstrate some research to students and teachers. The focus is on you as a researcher, what do you do during the day? What is it like to be a researcher? The target group is the school. This year is Vetenskap och Allmanhet are creating a common digital platform to host these sessions. To participate, register your interest in the event, write a little about what you want to talk about, what times you have available during week 38, what age kids you might want to talk to (primary / middle school, high school or high school). Teachers from all over Sweden can see you and register their interest in hearing from you. Once you have been booked, the details are determined as the exact time and which digital tool you want to use, for example Zoom.

Event 2: Meet, talk and experiment with researchers at Curiosum on Friday 24 September from 16-20.

The target group is the general public with a focus on children and young adults. There are usually a lot of families with children who want to do things with you. Our experience is that lectures do not work so well on Friday evenings, so simple experiments, demonstrations and interaction are the most appreciated elements for the children. Friday night is usually much appreciated by the audience, a super fun event! We hope that the pandemic will allow smaller gatherings of people, but otherwise there will be digital live broadcast this year as well. If this is the case, we will have a maximum number of researchers so the broadcast will not be so long. The time can then be corrected and shortened.

New exciting activity! Event 3: ForskarFriday goes Stand-up! Saturday 25 September from 14-15.30.

The target group is young and old adults. Comedian Monica Lindgren will moderate and also warm up the audience. Monica has 40 years of stage experience and a wonderful personality that guarantees a happy audience. Maximum 7 researchers and your time is about 8 minutes. English speaking comedian scientists are very welcome!

You will receive help and coaching from professionals - Dr. Calum McAndrew and Dr. Catherine Cross from St. Andrews University in Scotland will help you prepare your performance.

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Please register your interest by 17 June
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