Nominate recipients of the Eric K Fernströms award

6 May 2021

Teachers and researchers at the Faculty of medicine are hereby invited to nominate recipients of the Eric K Fernströms award to young, promising and successful researcher. Nominate no later than May 20.

We welcome nominations of young, especially promising and successful researchers for the Eric K Fernström award. The nominee must not be older than 46 years, by December 31 this year.

Because the award ceremony was postponed last year, the max age has been temporarily raised to 46 in 2021. It will once again be 45 in 2022.

The prize cannot be shared, unless there are especially particular reasons for such a nomination. The board of the Fernström foundation must be consulted beforehand, by contacting Ann Ivarsson,

Please note

  • The nominee must be born 1976 or later
  • The prize sum is 90 000 sek
  • The prize must not be shared, see above comment
  • The prize ceremony will take place at "Forskningens dag, November 10, 2021 in Lund. The theme of 2021 is "Hype or help" - About AI in medical care" (Eng. translation)

Send your nominations to research coordinator, no later than May 20 for consideration within the Prize committee of the medical faculty, Umeå university.

Nomination form

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