Realise a project idea with help from goal-oriented students

27 May 2021

A team of goal-oriented final year students from the civil engineering programs look forward to embarking on one of your research projects or one of your commercial ideas.

In the 15 credits course Design-Build-Test starting in September, students from the civil engineering programs in biotechnology, engineering physics, computer science, mechanical engineering, and industrial economics work in teams of six-eight people for five months with innovative projects. They receive training in agile project management and group development, and combine their skills to help you realise your project.

Six project examples from last year:

* Development of an interactive gene editing game at Curiosum

* Acoustics in Norway Spruce

* Development of web-app for microscopic image analysis in biotech industry

* New improved method for measuring the mucus layer in the gut by using image detection

* Development of a micro radar distance sensor

* Optimisation of purification system for textile wastewater

Bernard Wessels and Judith Felten have made a short video about the scientific background and project management of their project on measuring stem movement in tilted hybrid aspen:

Do you want to realise one of your exciting projects this fall? Then write to to learn how you can maximally benefit from this opportunity.

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