Testing prior to necessary business travel

18 May 2021

Despite the restrictive approach to business travel at Umeå University, some business travel may be necessary. In these cases, the traveller may need to show a negative COVID-test. Turn to the occupational health care services for such a test. But there is more to keep in mind.

According to the Vice-Chancellor's decision on 27 April 2021, extensive restrictiveness must be taken regarding business travel, and online options must be the primary solution. This applies until 29 September, what will apply for the period thereafter has not yet been determined.

If the assessment is that you still need to conduct a business trip, and if you are travelling to another country, within or outside of the EU, you may need to show that you do not carry COVID-19 by taking a test and showing a certificate upon entry into the country.

The general testing performed by Region Västerbotten must only be used when you have symptoms or when you are getting tested for contact tracing purposes. Therefore, Feelgood, the occupational health care services, is offering both PCR testing and antigen testing – both tests show ongoing infection. Costs for testing are not included in the institution-wide agreement. Instead, departments or offices must cover such costs.

Which test is necessary can vary. Some countries require PCR tests, whereas others accept antigen tests. You need to look up what rules apply to the country of your destination. You also need to keep yourself informed of what rules apply to entering and visiting the country and make sure that the country you are planning on visiting is not included in the countries the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to. Please also note that you may need to provide a negative COVID test upon arrival in Sweden or after you have returned.

Learn more about what you need to consider and how to order testing on Travels.

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