Registration and reporting of drug trials on humans

1 June 2021

The EU is tightening the rules and procedures for transparency in drug trials. In 2021, a new system will be launched for registration, reporting and follow-up. For a long time now, transparency in drug trials has been inadequate in Sweden and internationally, which has damaged research and its reputation.

Date & Time: June 16, 13:30 – 15:30
Location: Zoom

The Faculty of Medicine in Lund has therefore started a proactive initiative together with Cochrane Sweden to raise awareness of the importance of the registration and reporting of clinical trials, and to ensure that drug trials in Lund are conducted in accordance with ethical and regulatory guidelines.

As part of this work, the Faculty of Medicine and Cochrane Sweden are holding an open webinar about drug trials on 16 June from 13:30-15:30. The seminar will be held in English.


Maria Skoog, Skåne University Hospital, Clinical Studies Sweden - Forum Söder, Clinical trial support
Tony Durkee, Karolinska Institutet, coordinator with a focus on handling and supporting clinical trials, as well as documentation and handling of research data.
Till Bruckner, Berlin Institute of Health, founder of TranspariMED who works with transparency in clinical trials
Shai Mulinari, Lund University, researches transparency in the field of pharmaceuticals



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