A day about AI within medical research

13 August 2021

The AI-council at the Faculty of Medicine will host an AI-day September 10. The overall aim of the AI day is to stimulate the interactions, collaborations and networks among senior and junior researchers in the fields relevant to AI.

We welcome everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine to the AI day at Umeå University. The program touches upon several aspects of AI-research and how AI can be applied within fields of medicine, from sustainability to precision medicine.

We invite all AI researchers in different disciplinary areas, both life sciences, computer sciences and clinical scientists on all levels from PhD students to PIs to submit abstracts.

"We have invited national and international keynote speakers and local researchers to provide brief presentations concerning research funding, ongoing and future AI research in the areas of medicine and life sciences," says professor Jenny Person, chair of the AI council at the Medical faculty and initiator of this event.

The program also includes parallel poster-sessions, where every participant will have the opportunity to present their research in the conference portal. The best poster will be awarded a travel grant!

About the AI-day

The event takes place completely in English and is free of charge.
Time: September 10 9:00 - 15:30
Place: online

Main Speakers at the event


We encourage all participants to submit poster abstracts and posters together with their registration forms no later than August 22. Register to participate without a poster no later than September 8 12:00.

Register here

Optimize the opportunities to carry out ground breaking research

A long-term goal is to integrate AI in the faculty´s strategies for research, education, innovation and partnerships in order to strengthen the faculty before a future during which AI will play a crucial role.

The Medical faculty's council for artificial intelligence and autonomous systems (MAI) started its work in October 2020.

- One of the most important assignments of the council is to optimize the opportunities for the researchers at the faculty to carry out ground breaking research and to make sure that they are represented in local/national/international networks for AI-related research, says Jenny Person professor of basal tumor biology and chair for MAI.

- MAI has already organised a number of activities, including seminars and research activates and we will continue to coordinate AI-related activites with in the faculty, concerning infrastructures, centres, research groups as well as Region Västerbotten. We also want to participate in integrating AI in the different educations that are carried out by the faculty, says Anna Lundberg, research coordinator and secretary of the council.

She continues:
"One example of the activities that we carry out are the AI-day that we organise September 10. We would like to see everyone, researchers, doctoral students and students to participate and present their research ideas that day. The best poster will be rewarded with a travel grant!"

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