National COVID measures extended and work from home continues

27 January 2022

On 26 January, the Public Health Agency of Sweden announced that the current national COVID measures will be extended another two weeks, until 9 February. The Government has now announced that working from home for government employees, which staff at Umeå University count as, has been extended until 14 February.

The spread of infection in society is currently extremely high, which has consequences in the form of high pressure on the healthcare system, high levels of sick leave and labour shortages in critical parts of society due to quarantine. The need to reduce contacts in society hence continues, which means current restrictions are extended, until 9 February.

Anna Lawrence16:13Redigerad1The Government's directive to government agencies about working from home has been extended until 14 February, which means that all employees with work tasks that can be conducted remotely need to continue to work from home.

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