COVID restrictions are lifted – the following applies from 9 February

9 February 2022

The Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University has formally decided that the current recommendations for teaching and examination remains in place until 28 February. The gradual return to the workplace will commence on 15 February since the Government's assignment to government authorities regarding working from home is valid until 14 February. The return to the workplace is to be completed on 14 March.

Employers are urged to plan to return to the workplace gradually to prevent a high rise in infection. The return starts on 15 February and will be planned by each manager in dialogue with the employees. The return is to be completed no later than on 14 March.

Anyone who is ill or has symptoms that could be COVID-19 must still stay at home from work and studies. Unvaccinated individuals have a personal responsibility to maintain distance to others and avoid places that are crowded.

Recommendations for teaching and examination remains until 28 February

Since the spread of infection is still high, the recommendations to reduce the number of large lectures remains until 28 February. The current communicable disease control measures for written hall examinations will also apply until 28 February.

From 1 March, no COVID restrictions regarding the implementation of teaching and examination will apply. There is no requirement during this period to adjust ongoing or planned courses from online formats to the teaching and assessment formats stipulated in the applicable course syllabus. Courses that have deviated from the course syllabus and been planned for online formats without physical attendance can hence be carried out as planned even after 1 March.

Making deviations from the teaching and examination formats stipulated in a course and programme syllabus may still be made until 5 June 2022. After that date, however, all teaching and assessment must return to regular rules, unless otherwise is stated by later decisions. Such reschedulings or such deviations must be carried out according to what was described in the previous decision (from 15 September 2021, FS 1.1-821-21). Instructions can also be found on the staff web.

Students who are to carry out a placement, thesis project, clinical training, teaching placement or similar must follow the guidelines and recommendations issued by the host organisation.

Events and meetings

Also with regards to events, the current recommendations remain in place until 28 February, due to the currently high spread of infection. Consequently, events and other gatherings before and on 28 February must be carried out online or be postponed until a later date.

Previous recommendations to avoid person-to-person meetings and visits are removed after 9 February, since the Public Health Agency of Sweden's guidelines stating that adults should limit their close contacts indoors have been lifted.

Reporting cases of COVID-19 ceases

During the entire pandemic, managers have been urged to report new cases of COVID-19 among students and staff to It is no longer necessary to report such cases from Wednesday 9 February.

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