Planned phase-out of COVID-19 crisis work and information

1 March 2022

On 14 March, the gradual return to the workplace will be complete, and this also marks the end of the groups established to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, old news items, and invalid information will be removed from and Aurora, as well as signposting and other information produced during the pandemic.

The Extended Crisis Management Team, which has been an operative team has already been dissolved, and the COVID-19 Crisis Management Team will complete their work on 14 March. On that day, the email address will also be taken out of use. After 14 March, questions can be submitted to Infocenter who will pass on messages to the regular Crisis Management Team if necessary.

Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson is relieved that the work on handling the pandemic is now over:

Rektor Hans Adolfsson


"I'd like to issue a warm thank you to everyone who in various ways has contributed to the University being able to handle this pandemic so well. We have all needed to adapt time after time. The University's work during this pandemic has been lined with long and intense work full of unforeseeable and often complex issues to handle. But thanks to hard work and good collaboration, both inside and outside of the University, we've managed to solve most problems very well."

"We are now looking forward to taking on new tasks, and to finally see all our students and staff on campus again."

University Director Hans Wiklund mentions what we can learn from the past two years:

Hans Wiklund, universitetsdirektör


"I enjoy seeing campus beginning to bubble with life again. This pandemic has been a real challenge, but there are also important lessons to learn. Not least the new digital ways of working that, if they're used correctly, can contribute to high quality and efficiency. And it also goes in line with the ambitions outlined in our environmental policy to mitigate the University's climate impact."

Invalid information and news items will be removed from, Aurora and the student web on 14 March. Anyone interested in looking up old news items or web pages can find archived copies of and Aurora in the web archives on The startpage will remain in place until 6 June 2022.

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