The WHO study on students' well-being continues

21 March 2022

Since the spring semester 2021, Umeå University participates in a WHO project on students' mental health. The aim of the project is to get a clearer picture of how our students are doing and to eventually develop digital forms of support. Employees who meet the spring 2022 first-semester graduate programme students, are therefore asked to provide the students with information in advance.

Students often have high demands on themselves, both regarding their studies and achievements in life in general. Several studies indicate that students often experience stress, anxiety, depression and feel anxious about not being able to complete their studies. To get a clearer picture of how our students are doing and to eventually develop digital forms of support, Umeå University participates on behalf of the University management in a WHO project on students' mental health.

Health survey for students in April

As a first step, we need to know how our new students are feeling and if their health situation changes during their study period. Therefore, all graduate programme students who study semester 1 in the spring of 2022 will receive a link to a health survey sent to them by email on 5 April. The questionnaire contains questions about physical and mental health.

Preliminarily on March 30, the same students will receive an email with initial information about the project and the health survey.

How you as an employee can contribute

When students experience mental health problems, it can also affect their study situation. You who meet students in everyday life can be directly affected in various ways that you may not always feel equipped to handle. The students who choose to participate in the survey will receive information on how they can receive support from professionals and get tools for managing their mood. We would like to ask you who meet the spring 2022 first-semester graduate programme students, to provide them with information in advance by posting the following information on relevant learning platforms:

How are you feeling, as a student?

On April 5, you will receive an email from the sender "Swedish WHO-WMH-ICS survey" with a link to a health survey. Regardless of how you feel when you receive the survey, your answers are very valuable to us so that we will be able to develop helpful forms of support for our students. Approximately on March 30, you will receive an email with more information. You can also read more here.

The information can be posted on the learning platforms as soon as possible, and be removed after 5 April.

About the project

The survey is part of the global research project "World Health Organization (WHO) World Mental Health International College Student Initiative (WMH-ICS)". The long-term project goal is to prevent mental illness in students by systematically following up on how students are doing, and developing and offering quality-assured initiatives for students who need support. Universities in about 20 countries are already participating, and Umeå University participates since the spring of 2021. At Umeå University, the Student Services Office/Student Health Service coordinates the project. The University management and the student unions are participating actors.

Continuation of the project

The survey group will be gradually expanded so that all first-semester graduate programme students will be invited to participate in the study during every semester until 2024. These students will receive an annual follow-up questionnaire.

Want to know more or have questions?

Read more about the project.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact Ann-Kristin Sandström, Student Services Office/Student Health Service.

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