Four thematic discussions have been conducted within the work on profile areas

20 June 2022

PROFILE AREAS This autumn, the work of preparing proposals for a first national resource allocation model on profile areas will be intensified. At the same time, the work will continue in a longer-term perspective, both for future calls for proposals and as part of Umeå University's strategic development work.

Approximately twenty proposals for profile areas were received from throughout the University during the month February. On this basis, four major thematic discussions were held, with between 25-40 people participating in each discussion.

The thematic discussions have been a method for having an interdisciplinary discussion, where several different perspectives have come into play.

“There have been constructive discussions and an ambitious level of commitment,” says Marianne

Marianne Sommarin

Photo: Mattias Pettersson

, who is responsible for coordinating the work on profile areas. There is also an openness to new cooperation across disciplinary boundaries, which is promising for continued efforts.

The work on profile areas will be intensified in the autumn for the first national resource allocation for proposals, which is tentatively scheduled for February 2023. The research funding bodies submitted a report on 1 June that has still not resolved all the uncertainty about what is required to apply for funding under the new model.

“The work that has initiated at Umeå University is important for continued positive development, regardless of the details of the national model,” continues Marianne Sommarin.

At the same time, Umeå University is continuing its long-term work on profile areas, both for future calls for applications and as part of the university's strategic development.

“It is important that Umeå University's strengths and development opportunities are utilised and promoted,” says Marianne Sommarin. “Strategic and progressive work is needed for the best conditions for planning resources for successful and innovative research.”

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